“I wanted my dresses to be constructed, modelled after the curves of the female body in order to highlight its shape. I loved highlighting the waist, the volume of the hips, the cleavage. To give my designs more presence, I added percale or taffeta  linings  to  most  fabrics,  restoring a long-abandoned tradition”. Thus wrote  in  his  memoirs  the  great  Monsieur Dior and his style & design suggestions were not to be lost over time. Nowadays, to make the new creations of this Parisian maison which capture the deep sense of its timeless heritage and renew it under contemporary lights, while always paying an innovative homage to Monsieur Dior, petites mains and artisans in the haute couture ateliers had to reinterpret  the  aforementioned  advice specially in terms of the fabrics, sculpted to lend volume while remaining dynamic, showcasing masterful savoir-faire. To create these rigorous and structured shapes, the sublime skill of the expert hands at the Vermont atelier were required to embroider hundreds of sequins, beads and sparkling broad plates in the shape of flowers and foliage. And so  the  result  is  a  poetic  hymn  to  Nature  and  haute  couture  craftsmanship.

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